New Master & PhD students!!

The group of Molecular and Functional Biomarkers of CIC biomaGUNE continuously seeks new people who want to learn and contribute to cutting-edge in vivo imaging, nanotechnology applied to imaging and data analysis research (systems and signals biology).  Position availability is subject to group size, funding, and synergy of your interests with those of the group.  The following information is provided to help you with choices, both in this group and in others.


Our group develops and interdisciplinary research combining Engineering, Physics, Biochemistry and Medicine with three main research interests:  1) Imaging (MRI and PET mainly), 2) Materials science and 3) Biology research. Without a true passion for research and an interest in one of these areas, you are unlikely to be successful in this research group.  The following should be considered:

Skills:  For all candidates, strong teamwork and communication skills, oral presentation skills. For candidates #1 and #3 programming experience, Unix/Linux, Matlab, R, C/C++, and mainly data analysis based on Python!. For candidates #2 strong academic record and demonstrated experimental chemistry or radiochemistry expertise).

Other Attributes:  Experience with MRI, PET scanners (candidate #1), chemical engineering (candidate #2) and bioinformatics (candidate #3), Obligatory you have passed Master qualifying exams, References from people with whom you have worked previously.